The Emblem

About The Emblem

  • The Inverted Petals of Lotus

    The Inverted Petals of Lotus in the emblem resembles as The crown of complete metalistic physical elements (Shasrara) in the brain. Shasrara is actually numerous neurons, which compact various images of previous life that gets soiled by passage of time.

  • The Moon

    The Moon is placed in the centre of lotus, which depicts the purified sunrays. From the harshness of sunlight, the calmness is extracted.

  • Ambrosia Bliss

    Its not an ordinary drop but the essence of calmness from the moon i.e. purified sunlight known as Serotonin.

  • The Bird (Chakkor)

    Who knows that she will not get moon but still longs for it with its whole heart & soul, which we know as one-sided love. The open mouth of the bird shows its eagerness and desire to get the drop of Ambrosia Bliss.

  • The Mermaid

    The Mermaid is an aquatic creature filled with enthusiasm & passion, neither a human nor a fish but it is transient state between them. She is mad and filled with the power over the seas, Mermaid is the only one to exist beyond humanity, she is mythic in both a literal and literary sense. It could neither live under water nor come to the surface but gets suffocated in its own comfort zone. Her body postures especially eyes are the mirror of tremendous emotions, which can only be felt.

    The treasure in the ocean doesn't matter for the mermaid as it gives only materialist satisfaction, however she finds her pleasure in the peace of mind & eagerness for full-filing her desire which she has to find within herself not elsewhere in the universe and could be achieved only by spiritualism.

  • The Musical Notes

    The Musical Notes depicts the echo vibrations of universe which are extracts from Naad and the seven colour in the musical notes are the rainbow of life.