About Us


about Naad Anusandhan

Naad is a research based intellective establishment, came into existence for era-transformation by Shri Tanuj Kumar in July of 2011 with the help of Research Scholars, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Philosophers, Media Persons to present their research initiative developed by synthesizing the knowledge of Vedas with the Modern Science and Technology for the well-wishing of society so that a significant contribution can be made in enhancement of cultural heritage and noble civilization.

According to big bang theory, the origin of Naad is the coincidence of heaven and nature. The creation of the whole universe is based on Naad. Without Naad we cannot even imagine of any Kind of sound, music, rhythm etc. Also the knowledge can't be perceived without sound frequency which generates from Naad. In other words, our whole universe is evolved from Naad.

Our organization is inspired by renowned intellectual poet, artist and philosopher Dr. Rajendra Krishna and Natya Maharshi, Sahitya Bhusan Dr. Braj Vallabh Mishra and Dr. Lakshi Narayan Garg.

We are proud that we are moving forward continuously for giving right direction under their footprint for the prosperity of human society.