5 Pillars in Life

5 Pillars in Life

It was an ever before Deepawali. We start the celebration by inviting SHRI & GANPATI (Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha). A cute little girl named Shrija was decorating her home. It was dusk, when she lighted 5 diyas and rest of the house by tinny bulbs. After lighting the 5 diyas in front of the idols, she along with her family went for the shopping. When she returned to home, she was shocked & surprised that only one diya is lightening. Shrija got sad and with her full of pearl eyes she asked her mother - Mom why only one of the diya is lightening, why not all of them? Her mom put her hand on the girls head and replied with smiling face that these were not just ordinary 5 diyas but actually each one of them depicts 5 pillars in life: -

⇒ First Diya is for ZEAL in life
⇒ Second Diya is for COURAGE
⇒ Third Diya stands for SERENITY
⇒ Forth one is for AFFLUENCE
⇒ Fifth one was for HOPE

Her mom explains that the "Diya which is still lightening, is 5th one i.e. for HOPE. In our life at some point in time we lose the zeal, we live for the sake of living only when this happens we don't have guts to face the situation. These situations hamper the peace of mind and then we can't rejoice the prosperity in life, Thus these 4 Diyas were put off by the storms but the only one which survived after the storm was for hope which is enough to bring back Enthusiasm, Courage, Calm, & Prosperity in life.

''The eyes of Shrija were shining with a sweet smile. She ran towards the idol lighted the rest 4 Diyas with the Diya for hope and enjoyed the festival of light"…